Patrick Atoon Mark Koenen
We found Patrick behind a terminal, eating bread and drinking tea.

No no, I asked it first. Whassup, Patrick?
Oh. Nothing much, I guess.

They say you are behind this Babe-test thing. Is that true?
Well, yes and no. Yes, I wrote the script that generates the Babe-test every day. But no, the idea came from both Mark and I. The early material came mostly from Mark, heheheh.

Who is your personal favorite?
Christy Turlington, without a doubt.

Christy? She's ugly!
No way, asswipe! Heheheh heheh. Say that again and I'll kick you in the gonads. Christy rules. She rules! Heheh heheheheh.

Chill out, dude.
Heheh. Ehrm. Okay. Just don't say that stuff again.

So, why are there no `naughty bits', as you call them yourself?
Mostly because the test, and the whole site with it, would come under a lot of stress by all the calls to the test. Ask any keeper of a site that offers free explicit material. The site will be flooded with traffic. I know of at least two sites that had to close down or severely limit their access because of that. Apart from that, I'm not that sure the university would allow us to use their site for such a purpose. This way, no one is offended in any way, and still the page is interesting enough.

Is there anything you would like to see improved?
Yes. From the start it has been my dream to make some kind of Hall of Fame for the players. Unfortunately there is currently no way of checking who is submitting the form, and thus there is no way to keep track of someone's score, let alone his overall score. We've been brainstorming on this one for a long time.

What is your average score on the test?
Heheh... I think 17 out of 20 is my lowest score. Although things are getting worse since the database is getting larger. I usually make a negative choice, like it cannot be this, that or that one, so it has to be the fourth one. I can recognize each of the first 120 women mostly without doubt.

Do you have any hints for the test?
To get a higher score? Nah. Just practice a lot, you will get better. I do have an interesting playing tip, though. Try a match between several people. Whoever finishes first with the least errors wins. It's real fun to do.

C ya later Tricky.

Patrick turns back to his computer and continues his mail- and news-reading, WWW-scripting and IRC-ing...
Our reporter managed to get hold of Mark between two important appointments. Mark appears to be on a tight schedule.
Hi Mark.

So you are the co-author of the Daily Babe-test.
Yes, I couldn't have said it better myself. It has a nice ring to it, don't you think? `Co-author of the Daily Babe-test.' Maybe we'll design some `I clicked the Babe-test' T-shirts for ourselves to wear.

What was your part in the test?
Patrick did the script writing (I only did some debugging once when I was drunk), that's just his thing, while I provided some 70 pictures. Together we edited the pictures so we ended up having 70 decent clips.

What was the response of the audience?
They loved it. Thalia's funpage already had a fair amount of visitors, due to Ron Hebben's Dinosaur page, but the test equalled those pages, especially after Patrick announced the test on some newsgroups.

Do you scan all images yourself?
No. Patrick scanned the first twelve or so women, but the quality of those pictures is really terrible compared to other pictures. We sometimes pick images from newsgroups. That's really hard work: you see hundreds of beautiful women passing by and only a few selected women will pass the babeiality-test. On the other hand some faithful testers mail their favorites to us. Sometimes even in the right format, so we can put them in without much work on our side.

Really? Do you use sent-in images?
Sure, why not? As long as people provide usable pictures I don't see why we would not use them. My personal favorite, Stephanie Seymour, for example was submitted by one of our readers.

What about diskspace? Aren't you afraid of that?
Diskspace isn't a problem. We use a relatively small amount of space. Pictures typically stay below 7 kilobyte.

What do you think of the recent shutdown of the Babe-test?
It sucked, but was very necessary. The server where the Babes were staying was nearly crashing. And the same machine happens to be a very important one on our faculty. Right now we have found another machine that only functions as IRC- and WWW-server. We hope this one will hold... *grin*

Hey Mark, what's your favorite music?
Hmmm... Not too long ago I Netscapalised my Homepage. Just take a look at my music page (you can click on the icons).

Thanx for your time.
No sweat.

Mark takes a brief look at the clock and then quickly walks out of the room...

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